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Welcome, whether you are a rogue, loner, kittypet, or a Clan cat, we welcome you. Feel free to add pages about already existing characters, OCs, FanFiction, jokes, polls, and anything that is related to Warriors. :D

Before getting started

We recommend that you read our wikis Rules. These will help you get set up. If you have trouble ask an admin or the founder.


This is how our community decides on certain features. Admins will talk about certain features that they think will work out well for the wiki. Once the admins decide they want something, one of them makes a poll. This so the community has a say in the matter without the admins going to all of the talk pages and asking everybody. Admins are not allowed to vote, it is only the community. If you have any objections or questions, contact the staff.

Should our wiki have a mascot

The poll was created at 04:31 on December 14, 2018, and so far 2 people voted.


We would like to talk about these since they may cause future problems.
We wanted to state that badges should be used responsibly. If a user is making silly edits, pointless edits, or vandalizing to get badges, report it to an admin immediately, you will be able to find them in the Staff navigation box. Any vandalsation to get badges will result in a one month ban.
Please do not compare yourself to others with your place on the leaderboard. If it is playful and the other user and you are having fun, it is okay. But, if you are going on other people’s pages and bragging about how many badges you have, the user or an admin has a full right to tell you to stop.
Competitions are fine. What I am talking about is you and your friends competing to see who can get the highest place on the leaderboard. We support this, really. It helps people get interested in the wiki and if more people join so they can have a friendly competition with their friends will help the wiki. However, if the competition is unfriendly and people are being rude, an admin will tell you to stop.

Image facts

Any drawings, colored in bases, or anything that is not photos that represents the cat is not allowed to be used outside of the wiki. Nor do we allow images from the Warriors Wiki.

  1. To make character pages more appealing, you are allowed to draw certain scenes. If the character has no official art or there is no more official art to use.
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